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MP 5

The classic black design of the MP8 combined with the compact dimensions of the MP4 ...

... we took major features of the MP8 including 192 notes polyphony, 256 sounds/setups and 4 effect processors. The piano sound was revised and equipped with string resonance, damper effect and key off sampling. Of course, along with some new live features, the new AHA IV-E keyboard is added to the new MP5.


Kawai has upgraded the Advanced Hammer Action and made the variation of touch even more natural according to each playing zone. The "Acoustic Reaction" has improved the stiffness of the keys when playing. You will feel more resistance of the key to your finger, giving you more control for dynamic expression with the new AHA IV-E key action.

Previously, when the normal touch curve didn't fit your playing style, the only solution was to choose one of the different touch curve presets in the piano. With the User Touch Curve feature, you can create your own touch curve. In User Touch Curve mode, you are asked to play dynamically from soft to loud to input your playing style. The piano then analyses the data and creates the perfect touch curve made especially for you.


The MP5 is equipped with the latest generation of piano sounds, as might be expected from a manufacturer of acoustic grand pianos. The authentic sound of KAWAI stage pianos begins with the world renowned KAWAI EX Concert grand piano. Placed inside an anechoic chamber, free of audio reflections, the rich sound of this world class instrument is meticulously analysed and recorded by our Master Piano Artisans. The acoustic portrait of each note is later transformed into a precise three dimensional digital representation, employing KAWAI's proprietary Harmonic Imaging™ technology. This unique process faithfully reproduces the broad dynamic range of the original grand piano, from subtle pianissimos to thunderous fortissimos.

A piano technician plays a very important role, providing an acoustic piano in the best playing condition for the pianist. Our VIRTUAL TECHNICIAN function does the same work digitally. You'll find Kawai's exclusive Virtual Voicing, capable of digitally "voicing" the piano sound. There are also controls for adjusting the action's Touch, String and Damper Resonance, Key-Off Effect and many other piano-specific settings.

The MP5 offers 256 editable sounds playable with 192 note polyphony. You can choose from excellent sounds like E.Piano, Organ, Pad Sounds, warm Strings, powerfull Clavi's, versatile Brass Sounds, Vocalpads, Bass Sounds, Drums etc. The MP5 has everything for the stage and studio pianist.


As a MIDI master keyboard, the MP5 fulfills the requirements of a professional stage performer, whether at home or on tour. The 88 note key keyboard can be divided into 4 independent zones, with each zone able to play/trigger either internal/external voices/MIDI devices, or control both simultaneously, for a maximum playback of 8 sounds. Separate fader sliders allow the levels for each zone to be controlled intuitively, in real-time, with a variety of additional functions and assignments available at the touch of a button, from one of the 256 programmable setups further assisting live performance. By using setups it is now possible to filter MIDI note information sent i.e. program changes only, for example.

As well as looking fantastic the breath taking sound, perfect key touch feeling, intuitive operation system and a lot of other technology, make the MP5 the "ultimate" stage piano.


The neatly arranged control panel allows direct access to each of the 256 internal sounds, almost all performance parameters, and huge possibilities for modifying the sound of the MP5. The 4 analogue control knobs gives realtime access to sound parameters, effects, MIDI controllers an a 4-band EQ.

For live performance the MP5 has a new feature that allows you to adjust, easily and quickly, the overall intensity of the reverb and/or EQ along with assignable functions, like preventing the accidental pressing of buttons on the panel, controlling external sequencer, metronome and many other ON/OFF assignments assist you with your performance.

Studio quality reverb, and professional digital effects, including distortion, pedal wah, and variable-speed rotary speaker simulation, can be individually applied to each zone, and precisely adjusted in real-time using 4 analogue control knobs. In addition, this area also provides direct access to a four-band graphic equaliser and advanced tone control envelope parameters, and even allows Continuous Controller information to be transmitted to an external MIDI sound module.

With powerful features such as these, KAWAI is understandably gaining a reputation as the instrument of choice among professional stage artists.


The MP5 offers a lot of connectivity including USB, 2 free assignable foot switch inputs, MIDI In/Out/Thru, headphone and line outs. The stereo line outs can also be switched to 2 mono outputs for the simultaneous use of a monitor and mixer.

Due to many requests KAWAI have developed the new F-10H pedal. This pedal allows stepless damper pedal playing. The F-10H is included with your MP5.

F10H Doublepedal with Half-Damper Function


Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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