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It is often a problem to find the suitable environment for playing an instrument, without consideration for the others. With the instruments of the Anytime series, the dream of an freely play comes true. In addition to the best features of an acoustic piano, the advantages of the digital technic become here fully finished. It is possible to possess the realistic velocity culture of the acoustic pianos as well when just playing privately with earphones - so "Anytime you like".

Musical pleasure through digital flexibility

The Kawai Anytime pianos have the possibilities and the flexibility of the digital pianos. Through the MIDI interface all possible digital devices (like computers with score software, sound modules or arrangement keyboards) can be connected with an Anytime piano, to use it so simple and agreeable for compositions, recordings or to use it with the digital accompany band. Through the stereo aux connectors you can the Anytime piano connect in addition to amplifiers, recording devices or to your stereo unit. Two stereo earphone connectors are useful for practice together with the piano teacher or with an partner an four hands play. In Anytime mode can the transpose function be switched on, for playing with an easier fingering. This function helps especially the inexperienced piano player.

Connection box: front and bottom view

Full acoustic piano sound

Kawai makes no compromises by sounding of his pianos. Over 70 years of knowledge and experience in construction of pianos are flowing in our Anytime pianos. The interaction between our highly developed technology and our good trained piano constructors makes possible the fully, clearly sound of the Anytime pianos. The keyboard is balanced and adjusted to carry the smallest and sensitivest nuance of the pianist. Kawai's exclusive ULTRA-RESPONSE™ action (with 100% premium wool for the hammerheads) carries exactly the dynamic of the touch into the vibration of the string. Those vibrations are captured from the sounding board, this is made of careful dried spruce wood, and amplified to an fully, roundly sound. Notches of layered wood fortify the piano frame, to minimize losses of the sound power and to conserve an powerfully bass and an clearly treble with long sustain.

Incomparable touch ULTRA-RESPONSIVE™ ABS action

The action is one of the most important construction element of the piano. It must carry exactly the feeling and the expression, that the pianist puts into his interpretation. It must work extremely accurate, be very exactly regulable and react sensitive. Each deviation can already have drastic consequences for the carry and for the touch. Just as important is the longevity of all the parts of the action. Each part is exposed to an enormous loading with every individual touch. The parts must work 100% exactly and must be 100% exactly aligned. The innovative use of the ABS-Styran in the Kawai piano action is one of the most important reason, why the action of the Kawai pianos works more constant and more precise then many other pianos. Supported by leading piano technicians in many countries of the world and established through scientifical tests, the ABS action has demonstrated over the last 30 years its quality and solidness in the Kawai pianos. For the extremely use by night and day is the ABS action in your Anytime piano the best choise.

Incomparable sound - Harmonic Imaging II™ technology

In the unique "anechoic room" of the famous Kawai Ryuyo piano factory, a team of sampling specialists has digitally recorded with biggest accurateness the wonderfull sound of the world-famous EX Kawai grand piano. They used the best and newest digital equipment and they made stereo samples from each individual key and dynamic level. It was so possible to record the exactly characteristics of the harmonic structure of the grand piano sound. To put this harmonic portrait down to the living sound of the original EX concert piano, Kawai has developed a process, that we call Harmonic Imaging. This technology reproduces faithfully the harmonic structures of the EX concert piano and its whole dynamic area ... from soft pianissimo to the powerfully fortissimo. The Harmonic Imaging II technology makes possible an incomparable large bandwidth of expression posibilities and authenticity in the sound.

Panel, is situated optically invisible under the left side jaw.


Five different hall types emulate several hall rooms. From private living room to the concert hall.


In Anytime mode you can combine the piano sound with an other sound (i.e. strings or choir).

Sympathetic resonance

Sympathetic resonance simulates the natural vibration of the undamped strings. At the half pedal it emulates only the effect of the partially lifted dampers.

Built-in recorder and metronome

All Anytime pianos have an built-in digital record unit and an metronome. You can record up to 15,000 events (notes, rests) and you can choose a big selection of different tempos.

Some of our grand pianos are also available as Anytime grand pianos.


Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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