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ES 5

The ES-5 is the perfect instrument for those who need a great sounding digital piano for home, but still need the portability of a stage piano. As part of the 'ES' range, the ES-5 is designed with portability in mind. However, to compliment the sensational on-board sounds, a stylish new stand has been designed for use with the ES-5.

This stand incorporates a subwoofer, which really allows the ES-5 to shine while at home, but simply remove the two locating screws, and the ES-5 becomes as portable as the rest of the 'ES' range, and ready to be used as a performance instrument.

The ES-5 also utilises the new Kawai 'Advanced Hammer Action III', a fully graded hammer action. This means the bass notes of the piano are in fact slightly heavier to touch than the treble. This helps the ES-5 better simulate the touch of the Kawai acoustic piano range.

Add to all this a range of new and improved sounds, 64 note polyphony, split function, a USB port plus 100 rhythm styles and you have one very versatile piano.



Main speaker

Subwoofer with its own volume control

F1r sustain pedal

Foot pedal included


Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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