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ES 4

ES4 Glossy Black

Body Finish
The jet-black polished finish gives depth to ES4 and performs grand piano like appearance. The soft curved lines of ES4 create more luster and exclusiveness.

ES4 Glossy Black

Kawai has set out to create the best piano sound possible for the new ES4. Using our proprietary process of Harmonic Imaging, Kawai is able to manipulate the sample data to EX Piano?s harmonic structure with a maximum of 96 note polyphony. In addition, new ES4 has the operations that simulate a real piano like damper pedal reverberation and string resonance, including the technique used by piano technicians such as voicing. ES pianos also offer a variety of other instrument such as electric piano, strings, choir, etc.

ES4 Frontal

Kawai has upgraded the Advanced Hammer Actions and made the variation of the touch even more natural according to each playing zone. New Advanced Hammer Action Ⅳ?s ?Acoustic Reaction? has improved the stiffness of the keys when playing. You will feel more resistance of the key to your finger, giving you more control for dynamic expression from pianissimo to fortissimo.

ES4 has 6-speaker sound system. It has individual speaker box enclosed on both sides (3 speakers each). This will make the body compact but gives you surprisingly good sound from powerful low tone to beautiful high tone and also good portability. You can select the best sound from the speakers by setting the EQ to suit the situation where the piano is being played.

ES4 loudspeaker

We also offer an ES4 Design Pack including a matching stand and an acrylic music rest.

ES4 Design Pack

The ES4 is now available with White Silver finish as well.

ES4 White Silver

Also for that version we offer an ES4 Design Pack including a matching stand and an acrylic music rest as an option.

ES4 Design Pack


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