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CN 41


This new improved model has a high quality design, stable construction, improved keyboard action, more powerful speaker systems, modified piano sounds and 2 USB (to device) ports.

The new design of the CN41 includes much more than you can see. For example a more solid key lid and thicker backboard. Furthermore the CN41 has ? compared to the former model CN4 - a full-length top board which gives the design of the CN41 a special visual enhancement.

The CN41 includes the unique Harmonic Imaging II sound source of the latest generation, which reproduces the excellent piano sound of the KAWAI EX concert grand in stereo quality. In addition to that the CN41 includes 307 sounds + 9 drum sets and has a polyphony of 96 notes.

Key Action
The modified AHA IV-E key action is built into the CN41, giving you a more authentic touch and feel.


USB Ports
The CN41, in total, has 3 USB ports. One is a USB (to host) port, for a PC connection, to exchange MIDI data. The other two connectors are USB (to device) ports to connect i.e. up to two USB sticks. Save your own songs, for editing on a PC. Play back MIDI files, directly from a USB stick, on the CN41. You can even connect a USB disk drive to the CN41.

All models of the new CN-series are provided with optical pedals. The damper pedal is half-pedal capable.

Lesson Function
Even this starter model of the new CN-series includes the lesson function for successful practising of songs from the Alfred lesson books.


Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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