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CL 30


Compact & Stylish Design

27 cm depth only!

This piano fits everywhere.

AR stands for "Acoustic Response" and refers to several technical advances in the AHA IV that help improve overall responsiveness and feel. An improved jack and hammer design provides a more solid and "connected" feeling to the player. In addition, the software "touch curve" of the action has been re-designed for greater resolution, creating an increased and smoother dynamic range in the sound.

We began with the world?s finest concert grand? the handcrafted Kawai EX Concert Piano. This piano is Kawai?s greatest concert grand and is used in many contests and concert hall all over the world. Using the anechoic chamber at our grand piano research facility, a team of sound specialists recorded the exceptionally rich sound of EX, creating a three dimensional map of the harmonic structure of the piano. Used sophisticated digital equipment, the Kawai engineers were able to trace an extremely accurate sound map for each key. When playing the CL30, you will hear an amazing recreation of the EX Concert Piano?s full range of tone and expression, along with perfectly smooth transitions from the softest note to the loudest.

In addition to the two Grand Piano sounds you will find another 13 authentic sounds in the CL30… Modern Piano, Rock Piano, Classic E. Piano, Jazz Organ, Church Organ, Cembalo, Vibraphon, Strings, Choir and others. Using the DUAL Mode it is very easy to combine 2 sounds and play them together.

The integrated metronome is very usefuss für your lessons. It offers several beats and the tempo is controlable.

Absolutely anyone can make real music with Concert Magic. Simply select your favorite piece from 40 preprogrammed songs (Children?s songs, Christmas songs, American Classics, Classical selections, Special Occasions, International songs) and tap any of 88 keys with a steady rhythm and tempo. Concert Magic is ideal method for small children to learn music, especially to develop a sense of rhythm. For those who may think it is too late to learn the keyboard, Concert Magic is a good first step to realizing a lifelong dream. With Concert Magic, your CL30 piano can be enjoyed by anyone in the family, even those who have never touched a musical instrument before.

3 pedals in a pedal board allow you simulating fine acoustic piano playing.


Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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