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CA 5


CA 5 rosewood

The authentic piano sound of Concert Artist digital piano started with the world's finest concert grand piano, the Kawai EX. We recorded the exceptionally rich sound in the "anechoic chamber" at our advanced piano research facility. Our engineers then analysed the unique harmonic structure of the EX and created an extremely accurate sound map for each key across the entire dynamic range. Finally, our engineers and piano technicians worked together to reproduce the excellent sound of the EX concert grand piano. The sound data was digitally tuned and voiced by the ears of our proud piano craftsman. The result is a new level of authenticity in the art of digital piano.


CA 5 mahogany

As one of the world's premier builders of acoustic pianos, Kawai has long understood the vital importance of "feel" to the pianist. For this reason, Kawai has been a pioneer in the use of real wooden keys in our digital pianos. The CA5, CA7 & CA9 feature our new AWA Grand PRO action. As acoustic piano has heavier hammers in bass section and lighter hammers in treble section, AWA Grand PRO uses different hammer weights appropriate for each playing zone.

AWA Grand PRO Zones

In addition, the lower keys have counter weights for better control when playing very soft. AWA Grand PRO is designed faithfully simulating the grand piano action. The long wooden key stick is supported by a balance pin with bushing cloth. The front bottom of the key stick touches the front felt with its face. These structures are same as the ones found in acoustic grand pianos. It's easy to forget that you are playing a digital piano with the excellence of AWA Grand PRO action with real wooden keys.


AWA Grand PRO action

Previously, when the normal touch curve didn't fit your playing style, the only solution was to choose one of the different touch curve presets in the piano. With the NEW User Touch Curve feature, you can CREATE your own touch curve. In User Touch Curve mode, you are asked to play dynamically from soft to loud to input your playing style. Then the piano analyses the data and creates the perfect touch curve specially made for you.


CA 5 cherry

Dual and split modes
When you layer two sounds (Dual) or use different sounds on the left and right (Split), the balance slider is convenient for quick and easy adjustment of the two sounds' balance.

The Concert Artist pianos feature complete MIDI implementation, including 16-channel multi-timbral operation and controller keyboard function. Expand your musical fun by connecting with MIDI recorder or other external MIDI devices.
The built-in USB interface allows for direct connection to a desktop or laptop personal computer. Enter the world of computer music and the Internet through one simple connection.


Reverb and Effects
Five distinct reverb types simulate listening environments from private practice rooms to concert halls. Two special reverbs produce a 3D effect, surrounding you with sound from all directions. Digital sound effects such as delays (three types), Chorus, Tremolo and Rotary Speakers (two types) add to the remarkable realism of the Concert Artist sounds.

CA series 3 pedals

CA serie headphone mounting

Headphone mounting


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